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    Jag blev djupt rörd och inspirerad när jag läste Cristinas tankar och synsätt om hållbarhet och hållbar livsstil...

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    A sustainable way of acting sustainable

    Av Chrisitna Rai, 30 juli, 2011

    Sustainability – a big question in our days and most important of all a boring question for many people in our society.

    Today i participated in a discussion group at the sustainability festival Future Perfect at Ängsbacka. The theme of the discussion was ”Communication, technology, internet”. The main questions arising in the actual group of around 15 people were ”Do we need to be involved into the sustainability questions in order to contribute to a more sustainable world?”

    Interesting question for me and I realized quite soon that this topic is closer to my heart than I could believe before.

    There are two ways of getting to a more sustainable world in my opinion and there will be:

    The unsustainable way of doing sustainability by pushing or manipulating people into thinking sustainability and the sustainable way of doing sustainability: inspiring and engaging people to find the value of existence, beyond the false value created by desire and temporary pleasure and from that place of value help people to find another way of relating to themselves, to each other, nature and society.

    It is obvious for me that by creating a packages of rules and routines about how to relate to our environment is in a way a method of controlling and disempowering people. Inspiration, true engagement and creativity will not arise from the fear of not being punished. They will come from a place in ourselves there the value of existence goes beyond the material life, beyond the desires and pleasure. It comes from a place of well being there caring is one of the dominant qualities of our actions.

    And yes, the way of getting there may be seen as egoistic and individualistic for some of us, because there is necessary a continuous introspection of our own actions and experiences, a change in the focus we have today, from the world outside to the world inside, questioning ”what is the true value in my actions this moment?” and in that way finding the true value of being – the base of sustainable way of doing sustainability.

    Inspiring others to live sustainable will in that way come by itself. We become the inspiration itself with no costs for advertising or for spreading the world about us. The only thing is required is being you. In the moment we are ourselves, truly living sustainable to ourselves, to others, to the environment, sharing it authentically to everyone getting in touch with us the impact will be greater than the most creative commercials for everything that have made us happy before.

    And is this possible will some ask? Ängsbacka is a community and a business, I would like to say is a living example. I have been involved in different ways here for the last year and for me this is a place there sustainability is alive from a holistic perspective . People at Ängsbacka are striving for a sustainable relation to themselves and each other, by working here, practicing awareness and/or by joining the personal and spiritual development courses and festivals offered here all year around. And how is this serving to a more sustainable world? By showing that we have the possibility to choose more awareness in our way of being and that will be reflected all the way to running a business and creating communities.

    Another examples are the people who have been visiting Ängsbacka for many years now and who have taken initiatives in actions that contribute to a more friendly and environmentally sustainable world.

    Källa: http://cristinarai.com


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